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October 24, 2012


Go ahead guys

Thanks One voice for everything

This kind of organization is essential to the Palestinian cause. It is necessary to bring people with different backgrounds and opinions together to unify their goals in order to bring about the change they need. With the divided factions of Palestinians arguing with each other, they will never be able to come to an agreement with Israel.
It is also nice to see many people who support a two state solution or other peaceful compromise. Despite the pop culture icons and literary giants, such as Amos Oz (an Israeli supporter of the two state compromise), on both sides backing a compromise between Arabs and Israelis, it is important to note that there are everyday Israeli citizens and Palestinian refugees that feel the same way. The media paints both Palestinians and Israelis as extremists who want it all for themselves. Even though hate is prolific on both sides of the struggle (as can be seen in Emile Habiby’s description of the Israeli state’s treatment of its Arab citizens in his book The Secret Life of Saeed the Pessoptimist and Mahmoud Darwish’s early poetry, including Identity Card and the anger he expresses through it) there are people who see past this hate and understand both perspectives of the conflict. It is important to note that there are people who are willing to cooperate in order to come to a peaceful agreement.
It is also important that the youth are participating in this cause. As they are further separated from the bitter feelings felt by those present at the beginning of the conflict, it can cause a rift in the comprehension of the struggle and a misunderstanding of what is being fought for, or it can let the feelings of resentment settle some and increase the likelihood of a compromise. In order for the second to occur, the youth must be educated about the conflict. In class we discussed the knowledge about the origins of the conflict that many Israeli youths lack in today’s society. This lack of knowledge hinders a solution by not allowing them to fully comprehend the reason behind Palestinian rebellion. If they had more information, they could understand what Palestinians are fighting for without the strong feelings older generations have getting in the mix. This knowledge and understanding is the best way to promote peace and a solution for the region.

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